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Bespoke Stone Staircase

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A great client of ours, Ian Knapper stonemason, commissioned us to produce visuals for a bespoke stone staircase project of theirs. They had the design for the staircase roughed out in SketchUp, and needed visuals for their client to help communicate the design to the final owners of these lovely pieces of sculpted Moleanos – a Jurassic limestone.

supplied SketchUp model

Whilst we were at it, there were still a few issues with some of the treads that needed to be ironed out, so rather than this being a one-way flow of data, from the client to us, they would also like the finished model handed back. With this they could take it into their own CAD package to produce the necessary cutting templates.

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Air Source Heat Pumps

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You know how it is – your air source heat pumps are in Germany, you need them in the UK for a photoshoot, you need to find a couple of locations that really show them off to their best, and all this in a couple of weeks. You can fly them in, send your scout out to hassle the local estate agents, grab that photographer, set both shots up at either end of the country, pray the weather is decent on that day and get the shot (ah – did we mention it was autumn?).

Or you can turn to albino igil and we’ll make it all for you in a week without leaving the hutch.

We like a simple life – perhaps that should be our new tag line 🙂

Interior design for a bespoke staircase

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Our favourite stonemason, Ian Knapper, commissioned another interior image from us to showcase his latest staircase design. As usual, he is kind enough to allow us the freedom to come up with an interior and bannister we feel fits his latest design – we hope we’ve done it justice.

Bespoke staircases

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Our client, who produces the fine, solid stone fireplaces you may have noticed earlier in the blog, also designs and makes bespoke stone staircases.

As an aid to show off new designs, and also to depict what can be achieved before the expense of physically building them, these two computer-generated images were produced.

The first was entirely built and rendered by ourselves, the second used 3D CAD data imported from their designer’s working drawings – a seamless transition which shortened the development time of the images even further.

Asides from the actual staircases, albino igil provided the artistic input when it came to the interiors and bannister detailing, which added immense fun to the project!


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A stonemason, with an amazing reputation for designing and making bespoke fireplaces, asked us if we could produce images of a quality suitable to be used in a brochure, but they would be alongside photographs of existing fireplaces. They needed to be photoreal, propped, lit and rendered, and with textures that were believable.

The benefit to the client is a large reduction in the cost of photography and art direction, and the ability to ‘try out’ new designs without going to full production. Everything is done in house at albino igil. We hope you like them 🙂