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360 Panoramic Interactive

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Here’s a bit of fun! For our client we created various 360 panoramic images, all on a single floor of a proposed building. Hotspots in the viewer’s field of vision allow the viewer to jump to other locations. Hotspots can also contain additional information – images, videos and so on, or can link to web pages. When using the roundme app on an iOS/Android tablet or smart phone, the viewer can make use of the Virtual Reality aspect of roundme by holding the device up and physically turning around to see the room in that direction. They can also view it using Google Cardboard or another HDM (Head Mounted Display), just by turning their head. Quite cool, and early days yet!

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QTVR interior visualisation

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The last part of the apartments project was to produce a series of QuickTime Virtual Reality (QTVR) movies, allowing a user to travel from room to room over the internet, simply by left-clicking their mouse on the door they would like to enter. Once they are in a room they can left-click and hold down, then moving the mouse around lets them look around the room.

The file we have online is reasonably large (1.8Mb) as we produced it with high-speed connections in mind, but we can reduce this for slower connections.

To have a look at it just click on the image 🙂

QTVR anyone?

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So you’ve spent all your money letting us produce some lovely visuals for your new development, and as you should know by now (assuming we’ve done our job well), your entire development is sat inside our computer. So? Well – with the QTVR (Quicktime Virtual Reality) plugin, which many internet users have installed, you can show your potential buyers what the development looks like, using QTVR movies, as if stood in one spot in your development. You can let them choose which room they want to look around and they can be teleported into that room, they can get a feel for the garden area themselves – they can sit in the carpark or experience the view from the bedroom…the list is endless! You can add hotspots on the image so the viewer can access more information for a particular feature they can see, or jump to another QTVR movie spot they can see in the distance. What’s more, it’s not necessarily going to add a huge chunk to your budget – aren’t those ever-so-sweet words 😉 To get a feel for it, click on any of the three links below to load up a QuickTimeVR sample. Once opened, just click and hold your mouse down anywhere on the image and move it around to scan around the environment. The + and – keys on the control bar let you zoom in and out of the scene.

If you can’t see them then you may need to install QuickTime from here:

Apple’s Download Page

QTVR Sample 1

QTVR Sample 2

QTVR Sample 3