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BT Cable Distribution Illustrations

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BT Rail Station Cable Distribution PDF BT Exchange Cable Distribution PDFThese illustrations depicting cable distribution networks were produced to a whopping 4m wide, to be used on large display panels. The illustrations were then given some graphic design love before being delivered as high resolution PDFs, with the illustrations themselves available standalone, for use on the web if needed.

Monopoly Board Illustration

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A twist on the monopoly board

We were handed a idea for an illustration, based on the concept of the popular board game, Monopoly. Our task was to create some new playing pieces, applicable to the product, and produce several illustrations for print and web use, so something that could hold up to large format print of needed. The final images were produced to a size of around 1.5m wide at 300dpi, so suitable for 3-5m wide display board at exhibition.

Abacus Lighting Catalogue Cover

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Having produced an illustration for Abacus Lighting in the past, their ad agency asked us to produce another illustration for a different range of lighting – the big boys (well – it’s actually their middle-sized boys but to us they were big). Some were modelled from scratch, others had CAD data in the form of IGES files so we were able to convert them into a format we can use.

Abacus Lighting Illustration

St Mary’s School, Nottingham – sales literature

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As you’re probably aware, we’re not limited to 3D imagery. Whilst that’s our speciality, we’re also adept in the scary world of print…for those who care, we know how to translate RGB to CMYK…yes, I know, it’s a dirty job, but we wear special gloves when we’re doing it…

This is a piece of sales literature for a regular client – albino produced the whole project from onsite photography to design through to print. We’re often asked to produce the CGI along the way but this building speaks for itself…a simply beautiful piece of history in the heart of Nottingham.

Brunel House, Pride Park development CGI & brochure

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From the posts in our blog you might be forgiven for wrongly surmising that the hutch has been quiet. We’ve completed CGI projects which unfortunately we’re unable to share with the world due to NDAs, but they were fun! However, this project is one we are allowed to show – a development on Derby’s Pride Park site for a local company where we produced the CGI and graphic design for marketing literature in a contemporary style. We were allowed to play, so away went the Lego bricks (have I mentioned that igils like Lego?) and in came the crayons.