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Business Park CGI

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The Brief

A new client, but a company we have known of for a while, kindly approached us to produce a business park CGI for Bradgate Park View, a new commercial building in a development just south of Chellaston, Derby. It was great to finally have the opportunity to work with them!

business park cgi bradgate park view

Use of Skype

The brief was to produce an image that was suitable for double page print, and would also be used on the website. With this particular project we used Skype’s video conferencing and screen sharing capabilities to great effect. Our rendering software has a realtime preview, which is ridiculously close to the final image we produce. Using Skype, we were able to share our screens with the client, and show them in real time their final image. If they asked for the shadows cast through the trees to the right to be a little lower on the building, we could make the change and they instantly could see the effect on the final image. We still haven’t met them, which is a shame as they were a lovely bunch to work for, but the important thing – the image they wanted – was delivered on time.

business park cgi bradgate park viewAttention to Detail

The business park CGI was produced to a resolution suitable for a site hoarding board – large. The great thing about our images is we put a great amount of detail in to them – individual blades of grass, daisies, birds flying. As the image is blown up, much of this detail becomes more apparent and adds to the perceived quality of the development. Our lighting software allows us, if a developer wishes, to recreate the correct colours and shadows for a particular development, anywhere in the world. Attention to detail is an idiom we stand by, and it’s fun to do!

Osmaston Park Commercial Units

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Yet another architectural visualisation, it’s been a busy month for this type of work in the hutch! This one’s a small commercial unit development in Derby.

Pride Park Headquarter Building

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albino igil were asked to produce another marketing image for the developer Cedar House Investments, a headquarter building on Pride Park in Derby.

Planning for landscaping

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As ever, 3D is the perfect aid to getting the message across for planning applications.

Our client wished to convert a parcel of land into a communal area, where small, local staged events could be held. The area also had to be green and open enough to provide a general recreation area when not being used as a stage, and seating had to be permanent but sympathetic.

In the designs the seating is depicted in local stone, the slight gradient forms a natural well where the stage sits in the middle, but the public can easily travel over any detail without difficulty.

Pride Park office development

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These office units are part of Derby’s Pride Park development.

albino igil was commissioned to produce photoreal images for marketing purposes and floorplans in 3D, to help potential customers visualise the space they were buying.