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House Illustrations for East Midlands Development, Using OTOY OctaneRender

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We’ve finally been given the chance to try out OctaneRender from OTOY, with house illustrations for a regular client. It truly is so much fun to tinker with colours, textures and lighting in real time!

We can take your CAD files, or drawings, and turn them into beautiful illustrations in a few days, and with the new renderer it’s even quicker to make a change if needed!

And not forgetting all of this can also be animated if needed, or turned into 360 immersive panoramics to view using your google glasses, smart phone, tablet or desktop. The next step is real time virtual walk-throughs – watch this space!


Conservatory and Skylight Interior Renders

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As a follow-on to the exterior conservatory renders, some conservatory and skylight interior renders were thrown at us. Luckily we quite like juggling, so with several renders in the air at the same time it was our job to make sure they all landed when and where they were needed.

Here is one of the images we managed to land safely 🙂

Exterior Images Showcasing Conservatories

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The brief was to showcase a new range of conservatories with panoramic doors, first shown in our project Bring The Outside In. We were given the conservatory designs and asked to match them with a cottage, a barn conversion and a modern home.

The heat was on, the print deadline looming, in that big dark loomy way that deadlines tend to have (clichéd but oh so true), thus donning our headline helmet torches we sliced through the inky blackness to reach the hallowed place known as ‘project end’.

No really – it was just like that, honest. Anyway – here are the results…

Tortuga Beach & Spa Resort animation

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As promised, here’s a very low resolution version of the Tortuga Beach and Spa Resort animation completed a few months ago. Audio was provided by Sounding Post and the title animation by Finishing Post – everything else is ours 🙂 The final animation was rendered to D1 PAL Widescreen for TV playback and 1024 x 576 square pixel for computer playback.

Tortuga Beach & Spa Resort

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Well, finally we can show you the project that’s kept us busy from mid December last year. We were commissioned by a Staffordshire-based adverting and design agency to produce all of the CGI for this large off-shore leisure complex development in the Atlantic ocean. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished, especially given the time scale, and the quantity of information that needed to be juggled to get the job done.

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