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Exterior Images Showcasing Conservatories

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The brief was to showcase a new range of conservatories with panoramic doors, first shown in our project Bring The Outside In. We were given the conservatory designs and asked to match them with a cottage, a barn conversion and a modern home.

The heat was on, the print deadline looming, in that big dark loomy way that deadlines tend to have (clich├ęd but oh so true), thus donning our headline helmet torches we sliced through the inky blackness to reach the hallowed place known as ‘project end’.

No really – it was just like that, honest. Anyway – here are the results…

Etwall housing project tests new rendering technology

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A short, sharp house visualisation, testing our new instancing technology to place individual pebbles, grass blades and even daisies in the scene.

We also tested the new “real lens” rendering technology we have in-house. We have the ability to choose whichever real-world camera and lens combination we want in order to produce the final image. Lens distortion and irradiance fall-off (the fact that images tend to get darker towards the corners of the photograph) are all accurately reproduced in these computer-generated images. This is great for compositing CGIs into real-world photography with seamless results. These images were produced as if taken with a Canon EOS 10D Digital SLR camera with a Canon EF 17-35mm f/2.8L USM lens.

Of course, all of this can also be animated!

Pebbles and grass

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We’ve penned before about getting grass that looks just right, using shaders designed to produce fur, and prodding the buttons to get a grass-like affair.

Well, there were always issues with that technique, technical thingummies like they wouldn’t appear in reflections, there was little control over them, they looked ”fluffy”…cute grass if you will.

Here at the hutch we have now invested in even more soft technology to bring you grass and other stuff that comes in quantity, which will not bring our poor computers to their knees. It uses a technique called ”Instancing”.

This little snippet of image is from our current long-running-we-can-not-name-yet project, and shows pebbles and grass blades in a garden. Every pebble is there, every solitary blade of grass is there. In the image there are millions of the little blighters, all doing their job of, well, standing there…being pretty.

You may well ask yourself, ”so?”

It’s important, no really it is. No more flat texture grass, but we can take it further – we can have fields of waving corn, skies filled with flies, piles and piles of m&ms, they can all be waving in the breeze, it really does add that next step in realism to CGI.

Well – we were excited anyway, but then we don’t get out much!

Wind turbines

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The brief was to produce 3 large format (around 3m x 2m) images of a wind turbine farm in the East of England, for a major developer of the foundation systems of these beautiful pieces of machinery. It was a pleasure to work on this project, and gave us the opportunity to try out our new landscape generation software. Every tree and grass-blade you can see on the final images is there – no compositing – so their shadows are real, their reflections in glass and so on. You’ll be seeing more of this technique in future projects.