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Ferroli Aquasol XS

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Ferroli have been rather good to us over the year – here’s another interior shot we’ve produce for them via their advertising and marketing agency. Always fun stuff to work on 🙂

Ferroli Aquasol XS

Air Source Heat Pumps

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You know how it is – your air source heat pumps are in Germany, you need them in the UK for a photoshoot, you need to find a couple of locations that really show them off to their best, and all this in a couple of weeks. You can fly them in, send your scout out to hassle the local estate agents, grab that photographer, set both shots up at either end of the country, pray the weather is decent on that day and get the shot (ah – did we mention it was autumn?).

Or you can turn to albino igil and we’ll make it all for you in a week without leaving the hutch.

We like a simple life – perhaps that should be our new tag line 🙂

Ferroli marketing shot

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Some images you really love to work on. Well – truth be told we love all the images we work on, 3D is more like a paid hobby than a real job (so our parents and spouses are always keen to tell us). But this image was particularly fun – it was a chance to play with complex lighting setups, dress a room and the challenge of making it all work together to sell the product. All of this without the expense of building a real studio set, hiring men in overalls, photographers and kitchen builders…