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BT Cable Distribution Illustrations

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BT Rail Station Cable Distribution PDF BT Exchange Cable Distribution PDFThese illustrations depicting cable distribution networks were produced to a whopping 4m wide, to be used on large display panels. The illustrations were then given some graphic design love before being delivered as high resolution PDFs, with the illustrations themselves available standalone, for use on the web if needed.

Draka Cable Hand

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Draka HandAnd this is why CGI is better than photography. We can train the untrainable – in this case cables) and make them jump through hoops to get the shot you really want for your marketing concept. Pointy finger anyone?

Draka Earth Illustration

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Here’s a simple illustration showing Draka’s cables wrapped around the earth. The cable ends are from our library of modelled cables we’re gradually building, allowing us to shoot the cables from any angle and giving us the freedom that would cost much more using photography. The earth images are courtesy of NASA and the space image is professionally cobbled together from photographs from the Hubble telescope, bless them one and all 🙂

Draka parachute illustration

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Another image for end-client Draka via Moggs Marketing Communications. Moggs’ briefs are always something fun to work on – you really do never know what they’ll throw at you from one project to the next! This time around needed a photoshoot background scrubbing and replacing with CGI cables on a clean white background, final use for A3 print.

Manhatten Skyline

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Sometimes the simplest of ideas work the best. Our client always gives us great concepts to work with, and knows exactly what they want, which always helps.

Skyscraper cables in the distance over water – something punchy for a brochure cover – that was the brief. Though we say so ourselves, we’re pleased with the outcome. Now  – where did we put that trumpet?