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Interior Visualisation

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albino igil were asked to work with another 3D studio for this exterior and interior visualisation project. ne remit was to help tidy up a large exterior model ready for the client studio to take over for exterior animation shots. Another remit was to model, furnish and light the interiors of two apartments, to a strict interior design brief where every object and material used was itemised. This meant many of the props had to be either adapted from library items that were near matches, or were created from scratch.

Cape Verde Revisited

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We’ve completed three projects to date for developments on Cape Verde. This project was a week turnaround revisit for one of those developments, currently being built by the Resort Group. Additional props were added to the existing images we’d produced, and extra splashes of colour, ready for the launch of their new brochure in the New Year.

St Benedicts RC School Living Accommodation

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This building is an independent living centre for the blind and partially sighted pupils at St Benedict Roman Catholic School . The colours have been chosen for their high-contrast and the construction materials are chosen for their sustainability. Wood Newton, the designer and developer of the units, installed this free of charge for the school. It’s great to know there are people out there like this – hats off.

Cape Verde Development

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Another client but the same group of islands. albino igil were brought in to help finish this project by another company, who supplied us the house models and the island. Our remit was to finish texturing and lighting the project, populate the environment and produce the final animations. We also needed to model the interiors and pop some animations out of those as well.  There’s nothing better than staring at sunny pictures all day in the middle of March…

Apartments in Brazil

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We’ve no idea where this building is, but being totally internet-based we have the infrastructure in place to ensure this kind of project goes smoothly. We’ve never met the developer, we’ve never been to Brazil, we’ve never met the architect, all communication was carried out remotely and every aspect carried out from our studio (apart from the photography of course!).

Call us hermit anti-socials if you like but we’re  happy and warm in the hutch 🙂

These are a mix of finished visuals and studies.

Tortuga Beach & Spa Resort

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Well, finally we can show you the project that’s kept us busy from mid December last year. We were commissioned by a Staffordshire-based adverting and design agency to produce all of the CGI for this large off-shore leisure complex development in the Atlantic ocean. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished, especially given the time scale, and the quantity of information that needed to be juggled to get the job done.

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