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Ejot UK SIPS fastener animation

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This is a short animation used to show off Ejot UK’s SIPS fastener which involved modelling the fasteners from scratch. Tight deadline, short and sweet – thumbs up 🙂

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Offshore Simulator Centre Training Facility

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This video was produced for our client Offshore Simulator Centre in Norway, who needed a presentation piece depicting a typical training facility installation.

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Sharp Aquos Illustration

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Sharp Aquos LED ScreenSharp have brought out this lovely new LED screen which we covet like the precious it is. We were asked to produce an animation for web use – loopable – of which this is one frame. The only problem was the chance of actually acquiring an Aquos LED screen from Sharp was as remote as, well, it was remote. So we had to build one. Did we mind? Not one jot. Well, maybe a jot or two 😛

St Benedicts RC School Living Accommodation

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This building is an independent living centre for the blind and partially sighted pupils at St Benedict Roman Catholic School . The colours have been chosen for their high-contrast and the construction materials are chosen for their sustainability. Wood Newton, the designer and developer of the units, installed this free of charge for the school. It’s great to know there are people out there like this – hats off.

D-Link Sid the Spaceman goes shopping

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D-Link Sid goes shoppingFor over 6 months now we have been producing web, print and animation assets for D-Link via their agency DCH. We’ll drop a few images in every now and again to show you what Sid and his sidekick Terrence are up to – this is actually a still from an animation for a web-based flash presentation. Today they’re shopping – though I’m reasonably sure he has to drink through a straw, so it’s all a bit academic really.

Meet D-Link’s new spaceman

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Forgive us for being a bit slow at posting here for a month or so, to say it’s been a bit busy would be such an understatement we’d expect a good slapping.

We’ve been working with DCH, part of Doner Advertising, for a fair few months now, producing this little chappie (and his puddy tat)  in various situations in formats suitable for DCH to use in flash animations. These can be seen on D-Link’s websites throughout Europe and also in various printed ad campaigns. We’re pretty chuffed throughout to have been asked to work on the project, great fun! To see him in action just pop on over to www.dlink.co.uk

Cape Verde Development

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Another client but the same group of islands. albino igil were brought in to help finish this project by another company, who supplied us the house models and the island. Our remit was to finish texturing and lighting the project, populate the environment and produce the final animations. We also needed to model the interiors and pop some animations out of those as well.  There’s nothing better than staring at sunny pictures all day in the middle of March…

Quill Falcon animation

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Big, bright and beautiful. We could be talking about ourselves, but on this occasion we’re talking about the rather large piece of kit we’ve been swarming over armed with tape measures, sent to us by the Quill International Group based in nearby Melbourne (the wet Derbyshire one, not the dry Australian one who borrowed the name). The Falcon, as it is known, can not fly, but it can blast layers of dirt, grime and old paint from hulls of ships without the use of chemicals – which in our eyes is a very good thing.

They needed it building and an animation lovingy crafted for a rather large boat exhibition in Singapore – these are frames from the animation which will no doubt have bits incorporated into our showreel in the near future 🙂

Derby Arm Revisited

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Derby Arm RevisitedYou may remember we produced some preliminary visuals for the proposed Derby Arm project. With a few hours spare we decided to pull the project from the archives and give it a new lick of paint – the finished piece of animation is in our showreel 🙂

Tortuga Beach & Spa Resort animation

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As promised, here’s a very low resolution version of the Tortuga Beach and Spa Resort animation completed a few months ago. Audio was provided by Sounding Post and the title animation by Finishing Post – everything else is ours 🙂 The final animation was rendered to D1 PAL Widescreen for TV playback and 1024 x 576 square pixel for computer playback.