About Us

The heart of the studio is based in 3D design – this 3D influence threads its way into the various services we offer, it makes us unique, and often gives a very different take on projects.

If there’s an image or animation you desperately need to make that marketing idea really work, then turn to us – we specialise in creating images of things that just don’t exist.

If there’s a product idea you need turning into production-ready drawings, give us a call. We have over 16 years’ experience in the business.

If you need graphic-based projects carrying out with flair and design integrity, we’re ready.

We’re imaginative when we need to be, dutiful when asked to follow a brief. We’re no-nonsense. We know where to concentrate on the detail to make something work, without spending wasted time and money on the details that will never be seen. Collectively we’ve worked in:

  • graphic design
  • 3D visualisation
  • product design and development
  • computer games
  • heavy engineering project management
  • growing our own veg

Sure – the last one isn’t directly useful but it keeps us healthy and more likely to see your project through to the end. We thrive on a challenge, and we’ll pull the stops out to deliver you the end result you need.

The 3D CGI part of us creates computer generated imagery of anything yet to exist. This can be used in printed media, websites (flash animations), video and DVD, computer-based media – anywhere you feel you need to use it – both still images and animation, completely computer generated or mixed with real-world images.

The brand new 3D Design element in-house allows us to not only take clients’ CAD files and make pretty pictures, but to move further down the product development ladder and to help design the products and create production ready drawings, using industry standard Autodesk Inventor. This new service is on the back of 10 years’ industry experience in this sector brought in by a new core team member. Product visualisation, a skill brought in from our CGI experience, allows clients to visualise a product before committing to manufacture, and also helps seal the deal with products new to the market.

Our 2D Design side complements the pretty 3D pictures by wrapping them up in eye-catching and relevant graphic design for sales and marketing publications, websites, video, DVD and computer presentations. It also provides our projects with location photography where necessary, and brings photo compositing and retouching to the table.

If you feel you have a project we may be able to help with, no matter how challenging or unusual, please call us on 01332 770078.