3D Design

A New Service?

As industrial designers we have always understood the manufacturing process, but a recent new client, and the new in-house experience we have in Design Engineering, has allowed us to invest in industry standard software Autodesk Inventor, to offer a design engineering service for both existing and new clients.

As part of our 3D CGI service we are used to taking CAD files – IGES, STP, STL, Inventor and so on, and converting them into a format our own 3D visualisation software can use, to create gorgeous product visualisations and animations. This new 3D CAD service moves us nearer to the beginning of the production process, clients with a concept or idea can now turn to us to finalise the design, test it in software, then produce CAD data suitable for manufacture. All of this from people with an eye for the aesthetic too – we’re not just CAD monkeys, though if you only need the monkey service then that’s ok, we won’t be offended.

To us it’s a natural progression – we’ve been at the end of the pipeline when it comes to product manufacture – we’re moving up that pipeline. For those interested, our specialism is in sheet and machined materials – the crane cab simulator project is a perfect example.

Rapid Prototyping

Of course, once we have CAD data available, it’s a short hop to offering rapid prototype models. These come in various guises, though the material used will depend on the final use. For example, we have modelled the new Milton Keynes Academy and had the model laser-etched into crystal presentation pieces, presented as gifts to those on the building development team. If you’re an architect wanting a solid model of a new development, then a polymer-based material would be more appropriate.

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Bespoke Stone Staircase

A great client of ours, Ian Knapper stonemason, commissioned us to produce visuals for a bespoke stone staircase project of theirs. They had the design for the staircase roughed out in SketchUp, and needed visuals for their client to help communicate the design to the final owners of these lovely pieces of sculpted Moleanos – a Jurassic limestone.

supplied SketchUp model

Whilst we were at it, there were still a few issues with some of the treads that needed to be ironed out, so rather than this being a one-way flow of data, from the client to us, they would also like the finished model handed back. With this they could take it into their own CAD package to produce the necessary cutting templates.

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