Rolls Royce Ship Intelligence Asset Management (IAM) Computer Consoles

Categories: 3D Design, CAD Draughting, Design Engineering

OSC (Offshore Simulator Centre) are a valued regular to the igils. This project was another fun one (aren’t they all?!) to design and produce CAD drawings for two computer consoles. The brief was low-key, but sexy, and were to house several state-of-the-art PCs and other gubbins the boffins at OSC came up with.

The first design houses two PCs and two surface mounted touch screens. There is also provision for a touch-screen transparent HUD display to be incorporated, rising and lowering into the unit as and when needed.

The second design is actually three units in one – to speed up the manufacturing time and reduce budget concerns, each unit can be bolted together to form one longer console. It also eases transportation issues. All the consoles were manufactured from pressed metal.

The Rolls Royce Intelligent Asset Management experience spaces are a means to communicate how ship intelligence systems can use collated data to optimise fleet operations. This is exciting work, and although we only designed the boxes, take pride in the fact we turned the project around quickly, with an opening event the ultimate deadline!