360 Panoramic Interactive

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Here’s a bit of fun! For our client we created various 360 panoramic images, all on a single floor of a proposed building. Hotspots in the viewer’s field of vision allow the viewer to jump to other locations. Hotspots can also contain additional information – images, videos and so on, or can link to web pages. When using the roundme app on an iOS/Android tablet or smart phone, the viewer can make use of the Virtual Reality aspect of roundme by holding the device up and physically turning around to see the room in that direction. They can also view it using Google Cardboard or another HDM (Head Mounted Display), just by turning their head. Quite cool, and early days yet!


For the curious, this is what one of our 360 panoramic renders looks like before passing through the roundme app (or any other panorama viewer you’d like to use – it doesn’t have to be through roundme’s website).NMK2 Floorplan 3



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