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Air Combat Group Video Logo

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This project was completed for an online community of flight simmers, as a video intro.

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Markham Moor Brochure

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We’ve done a fair few brochures for developers, who come to us for our mix of graphic design and 3D visualisation skills. This client wanted something a bit different from the usual CGI offering of ‘building by day’ or ‘building by night’.

Playing on the fact that the major selling point for this development is its proximity to the transportation network, we chose to show this network in a striking way.

First came the aerial photography of the site. Then, as most of it was still dirt and the roundabout was unfinished, we had to rebuild the landscape on computer. We then used satellite photographs of the area to trace over and reproduce the road network in our 3D software which we then used to throw thousands of little tiny lights down the various roads (yes, we do have god-like power when it comes to our little 3D world). We then turned the day shot into night (there we go again), and montaged the light streaks into the shot. A bit of graphic design to hold it all in place and there we have a very untypical brochure that will stand out on the shelves.

Lovely 🙂

PMR Fixers logo

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Our client, a respected marketing agency, approached us to create some 3D concept logos for their end client, PRM Fixers. These are some of the 3D doodles along the way and the final chosen version is amongst the pool.

Adnix – 2D logo to 3D logo

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We always knew we had our uses.

In this case our client had designed the logo as flat artwork, but wanted the 3D look to be applied.

“Make it shiny”, they said. So, like any good browncoat would, we made it shiny for them.

Pulse Fitness

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A new client, a Cheshire-based advertising & marketing agency approached us for an A4 design to be used in print for Pulse Fitness.

It sounded funky, which it was!

They liked it, which made us and them happy.

They then asked for an animated version, to be used looping on DVD at exhibitions and a version converted to Flash format (which we can do), for use on the website, which we did.

The joy continued.

Life can be so simple and yet so rewarding sometimes.

Meirg logo made 3D

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First task was to produce a 3D logo based on the 2D concept our client handed to us, for use in print. The second task was to produce a short 10 second ident which could be used as an intro to any DVD based marketing material, and as a background looping animation for publicity events.

This is a frame from the final animation where clouds and logo are combined with audio effects.