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Physically-based Rendering

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Not ones to stand still, and with the imminent update of our favourite 3D software LightWave to a new Physically-based Rendering (PBR) engine, the igils have decided to test-drive another piece of software already offering this technology. With the pipeline under our belt it means we can begin texturing our models in the new software, ready for an easy pipeline back into the new version of LightWave 3D when it hits the shelves.

What is Physically-based Rendering?

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Modal Training Article

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Grimsby Modal TrainingJust a quick one – an image we produced recently as part of a series, has just found its way into a Norwegian article about Modal Training. It’s always good to see these things in print, and so far from home!


Haig Club Bottle CGI

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Haig Club 2Ages ago we were asked to produce CGI illustrations of a new Haig whisky to be launched, Haig Club. Whilst the product was still being designed and the marketing process worked on, we obviously couldn’t release anything. But now, with the whisky in the public domain for a goodly amount of time, we can finally show you the bottle we helped visualise through the concept stage and into production.

The images we produce to help the creative team at the advertising agency we worked for were mostly on plain background, so we’ve worked one up for our own use here. The model is as it was then though, we’ve just poured some ready for drinking 🙂


Deep Sea Exploration Illustrations

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These are the remaining three deep sea exploration illustrations, produced for use up to A1 print. I have to admit, it’s fun playing with water and ships, it’s an exciting subject to work with, and to try and communicate to the viewer.

Shot 3 – Subsea Installation
Deep Sea Exploration - Subsea Installation Depth Study

Subsea Installation Depth Study

This illustration needed to convey the incredible depths a typical subsea installation is carried out at. Two iconic buildings, noteworthy for their heights, were chosen to try and get the message across. Practically everyone has seen images of the Eifel Tower, or have seen the real thing. The Burj Khalifa, currently the world’s tallest building, adds weight to the scale of depth.

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Deep Sea Exploration Illustration

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The igils were tasked with producing five large (up to A1 print) illustrations, all centred around deep sea exploration. There’s no hiding the fact that we love this sort of illustration – meaty, something we can really get our teeth into, and it involves cool vehicles – what more could you ask for! These are the first three illustrations. Warning – if you go full screen, you’ll need to click the thumbnail at the bottom of the screen to get back to a manageble size. We kept the “go large” option in case you wanted a gander at the detail!

Shot 1 – Subsea Installation
Deep Sea Exploration - Subsea Installation

Subsea Installation

The subsea installation shot shows the Åsgard subsea gas compression system. The various vessels are; on the left, the North Sea Giant (the largest and most advanced offshore construction vessels ever built) and the Far Sleipner (an offshore supply ship) in the centre. To the right is an FPSO (Floating Production, Storage and Offloading).

Shot 2 – Arctic Installation
Deep Sea Exploration - Arctic Installation

Arctic Installation

This illustration depicts the difficulties of working offshore in Arctic conditions – we can see, from the left; the North Sea Giant, the Erik Raude ocean rig, a refinery, ice breaker and lastly the Far Sleipner.

Ejot UK SIPS fastener animation

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This is a short animation used to show off Ejot UK’s SIPS fastener which involved modelling the fasteners from scratch. Tight deadline, short and sweet – thumbs up 🙂

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Skypod Illustrations

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Skypod SQ ExteriorOur brief was to produce two exterior illustrations and one interior of a large house extension, showing off the feature Skypod manufactured by our client, for use in print and on the web. The Skypod 3D models were provided as STEP files, which we then translated into the LightWave format via MoI (Moment of Inspiration). A suitable house was then designed and modelled, along with the exterior environment, which we then populated with suitable items.  The brief was to get a “light and airy” feel to the interior shot – with that amount of gorgeous glazing it wasn’t hard to do!

Pure Evoke Mio DAB Radio

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I just thought I’d pop up a quick frame from a personal project I’ve been working on – it’s a Pure Evoke Mio DAB radio, modelled in-house, in a warehouse setting we built a while ago. That’s all really – sometimes you get the urge to model something and make a pretty picture, and sometimes you think you might as well post the picture!

Offshore Simulator Centre Training Facility

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This video was produced for our client Offshore Simulator Centre in Norway, who needed a presentation piece depicting a typical training facility installation.

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Ho Ho Ho, it’s (almost, very nearly, just round the corner, within earshot) Christmas!

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Okay – it’s nowhere near, really, is it? But many people will be having the Thorntons Gift Guide drop through their letterboxes at the moment, and noticing the delectable range of Christmas choccy-fodder on the shelves. Well we can let you know that around this time last year, the albino igils had their sticky paws on some prototypes, some sketches, and a big brief.

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