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Modal Training Article

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Grimsby Modal TrainingJust a quick one – an image we produced recently as part of a series, has just found its way into a Norwegian article about Modal Training. It’s always good to see these things in print, and so far from home!


360 Panoramic Interactive

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Here’s a bit of fun! For our client we created various 360 panoramic images, all on a single floor of a proposed building. Hotspots in the viewer’s field of vision allow the viewer to jump to other locations. Hotspots can also contain additional information – images, videos and so on, or can link to web pages. When using the roundme app on an iOS/Android tablet or smart phone, the viewer can make use of the Virtual Reality aspect of roundme by holding the device up and physically turning around to see the room in that direction. They can also view it using Google Cardboard or another HDM (Head Mounted Display), just by turning their head. Quite cool, and early days yet!

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Skypod Illustrations

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Skypod SQ ExteriorOur brief was to produce two exterior illustrations and one interior of a large house extension, showing off the feature Skypod manufactured by our client, for use in print and on the web. The Skypod 3D models were provided as STEP files, which we then translated into the LightWave format via MoI (Moment of Inspiration). A suitable house was then designed and modelled, along with the exterior environment, which we then populated with suitable items.  The brief was to get a “light and airy” feel to the interior shot – with that amount of gorgeous glazing it wasn’t hard to do!

NMK Building in Norway – CGI & Photograph

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NMK Building CGI & PhotographWe thought it would be neat to share a recent photograph/CGI blend from a past project, where the project has finally been built. We created various CGIs of the NMK (Norwegian Maritime Competence Centre) before construction began, on behalf of our client, The Offshore Simualator Centre, to indicate how their extremely funky and cutting edge simulators would look once installed in the main atrium. They kindly sent us a photograph taken from the same angle our CGI was taken, with the resulting composite seen here.

Pure Evoke Mio DAB Radio

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I just thought I’d pop up a quick frame from a personal project I’ve been working on – it’s a Pure Evoke Mio DAB radio, modelled in-house, in a warehouse setting we built a while ago. That’s all really – sometimes you get the urge to model something and make a pretty picture, and sometimes you think you might as well post the picture!

Interior Visualisation

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albino igil were asked to work with another 3D studio for this exterior and interior visualisation project. ne remit was to help tidy up a large exterior model ready for the client studio to take over for exterior animation shots. Another remit was to model, furnish and light the interiors of two apartments, to a strict interior design brief where every object and material used was itemised. This meant many of the props had to be either adapted from library items that were near matches, or were created from scratch.

Skypod Illustrations

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Client’s Skypod CAD files save time and budget.

Welcome to the Eurocell Skypod – a great way to let natural light into your home. We do love this sort of project – a mix of technical modelling, interior design and set dressing. These days, if a client can hand us the CAD files in a format we can use (STL, STEP, IGES – many many more) then it saves a bundle of time as we don’t have to model it from scratch. We’re lucky that this client manufactures the parts needed and therefore can lay their hands on extremely detailed production CAD files for the Skypod. This leaves more budget available, after a relatively quick conversion of the 3D CAD data to a format we can use in our 3D rendering software, to spend on creating great marketing images.

Qoros Dealership Animation

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Finally we can show a project which took a great chunk of our time earlier last year – a Qoros dealership animation. Qoros, the end client, is a new car manufacturer based in China. Our brief was to translate the architect’s drawings into a comprehensive set of still images, and to produce an animation for playback at the launch of the Qoros Dealership presentation in China.

Great fun and crazy deadlines.

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Conservatory and Skylight Interior Renders

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As a follow-on to the exterior conservatory renders, some conservatory and skylight interior renders were thrown at us. Luckily we quite like juggling, so with several renders in the air at the same time it was our job to make sure they all landed when and where they were needed.

Here is one of the images we managed to land safely 🙂

Warehouse Image

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Shelves disappearing into infinity, filled with ‘stuff’. That was the brief, and that’s what we delivered.