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Rolls Royce Ship Intelligence Asset Management (IAM) Computer Consoles

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OSC (Offshore Simulator Centre) are a valued regular to the igils. This project was another fun one (aren’t they all?!) to design and produce CAD drawings for two computer consoles. The brief was low-key, but sexy, and were to house several state-of-the-art PCs and other gubbins the boffins at OSC came up with. Read more

Bespoke Stone Staircase

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A great client of ours, Ian Knapper stonemason, commissioned us to produce visuals for a bespoke stone staircase project of theirs. They had the design for the staircase roughed out in SketchUp, and needed visuals for their client to help communicate the design to the final owners of these lovely pieces of sculpted Moleanos – a Jurassic limestone.

supplied SketchUp model

Whilst we were at it, there were still a few issues with some of the treads that needed to be ironed out, so rather than this being a one-way flow of data, from the client to us, they would also like the finished model handed back. With this they could take it into their own CAD package to produce the necessary cutting templates.

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When all the Simulators Come Together…

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Over the last 8 months or so, we are lucky enough to have been involved in the development and visualisation of a new range of 360 degree simulators aimed at the offshore transportation and commecial industry. From a small single-man 2.8m projection dome, through 4m and 7m to a whopping 14m suspended two-floor dome that can house 8 operatives. Read more

Crane Cab Simulator

Categories: 3D Design, CAD Draughting, Design Engineering

Back in December we showed you the initial CGI images of the concept simulator base and cab, produced for marketing use.

Four weeks later and we have produced the initial designs for the physical versions of the moving base and crane cab, which will fix to the base. Read more

Simulator Arm Rests

Categories: 3D Design, Design Engineering

These arm rests were designed to complement the various simulators our client manuafactures. For the primary material we used laser-etched aluminium to keep tooling costs to a minimum, and to help weight saving asĀ  these units will be shipped internationally.

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Office Dome

Categories: 3D CGI, 3D Design, Design Engineering, Interior Visualisation, Product Visualisation

Our brief was to redesign the support legs and camera bracket for these smaller domes, and to produce a marketing image showing a typical installation in an office with restricted ceiling height.