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Crane Cab Simulator

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Back in December we showed you the initial CGI images of the concept simulator base and cab, produced for marketing use.

Four weeks later and we have produced the initial designs for the physical versions of the moving base and crane cab, which will fix to the base. Read more

360 Oil Rig Bridgehouse Simulator

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The second simulator visualisation we’ve worked on for this client, and the biggest to date – the ‘Tea Cup’. This beast is two stories in height, provides seating for 8 crew including the captain, and allows them all to walk around, viewing the simulation in a glorious 360 degree field of view!

The really cool thing is that the crew can look out of their windows, see the oil rig crane working (for example), talk to the crane operator and see him respond, because they in turn are sat in a room next to them in their own simulator, from which they can see the bridgehouse! Networked simulators.


Oil Rig Crane Cab Simulator & New Direction for albino igil

Categories: 3D CGI, 3D Design, CAD Draughting, Product Visualisation

Now say that five times, quickly…

We were approached a few months ago by a Norwegian company who specialise in designing and manufacturing simulators for the offshore industry. This has been a pretty big deal for us at albino, as initially they wanted this product visualising – it’s a 180 degree crane cab simulator, which is pretty cool in and of itself. Read more