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BT Cable Distribution Illustrations

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BT Rail Station Cable Distribution PDF BT Exchange Cable Distribution PDFThese illustrations depicting cable distribution networks were produced to a whopping 4m wide, to be used on large display panels. The illustrations were then given some graphic design love before being delivered as high resolution PDFs, with the illustrations themselves available standalone, for use on the web if needed.

WW2 RAF Squadron Crests

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Scalable WW2 RAF Squadron Crests

Decent quality WW2 RAF squadron crests are hard to come by if you need scalable artwork. A group of flying enthusiasts needed a set developing that could cope with various uses, including web, video, and large format print.

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Clowes Development brochure

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Often, when asked to produce a CGI for a development, we are also asked to come up with the goods when it comes to the sales and marketing literature. This project was for a commercial development being carried out by Clowes Developments.

Shark Cricket

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The brief was to take Shark Cricket into a more professional market, with a look that would sit well with a more adult market than the current style.

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Lodge Park – Nettleham

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Another CGI stroke graphic design job for a client. This time we had an aerial shot in which to composite our CGI buildings – we do love this sort of thing! We only had building footprints from which to work our magic, so we made some buildings up after a brief from the client, used materials to complement the surrounding existing buildings and produced a brochure we’re very happy with.

Tartan Van Wraparound Graphic

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A graphic design agency we work closely with asked if we could produce a length of tartan to wrap around a van design they were working on. All we needed was the van make and model to get the right dimensions, set the computers all the way up to 11 on the size dial and wait a few hours until it was cooked. 🙂

City Office Park – Lincoln

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Another project where albino igil carried out the CGI for the front cover and the graphic design for the brochure. Have we told you we can juggle as well?

We’re so wasted.

Industrial Estate Folder Design

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As you’re probably aware, many of our property developer clients also like us to provide them with the necessary graphic work to support the CGIs. The aim of this project was to replace the existing folder that carries the development details with a new and fresh design.

Cartergate Grimbsy Development Brochure

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Here’s another piece of graphic design for a commercial property client. albino igil was asked to produce a light brochure for this development in Grimsby, the final product being printed both digitally and traditional lithographic for two separate marketing events.

Markham Moor Brochure

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We’ve done a fair few brochures for developers, who come to us for our mix of graphic design and 3D visualisation skills. This client wanted something a bit different from the usual CGI offering of ‘building by day’ or ‘building by night’.

Playing on the fact that the major selling point for this development is its proximity to the transportation network, we chose to show this network in a striking way.

First came the aerial photography of the site. Then, as most of it was still dirt and the roundabout was unfinished, we had to rebuild the landscape on computer. We then used satellite photographs of the area to trace over and reproduce the road network in our 3D software which we then used to throw thousands of little tiny lights down the various roads (yes, we do have god-like power when it comes to our little 3D world). We then turned the day shot into night (there we go again), and montaged the light streaks into the shot. A bit of graphic design to hold it all in place and there we have a very untypical brochure that will stand out on the shelves.

Lovely 🙂