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Shark Cricket

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The brief was to take Shark Cricket into a more professional market, with a look that would sit well with a more adult market than the current style.

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Pulse Fitness

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A new client, a Cheshire-based advertising & marketing agency approached us for an A4 design to be used in print for Pulse Fitness.

It sounded funky, which it was!

They liked it, which made us and them happy.

They then asked for an animated version, to be used looping on DVD at exhibitions and a version converted to Flash format (which we can do), for use on the website, which we did.

The joy continued.

Life can be so simple and yet so rewarding sometimes.

One2One Introductions

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An introduction agency needed a new facelift for their new start with a change of ownership. The challenge was to design a logo that would work well in black and white, across all media (specifically print and internet), and appeal to male and female alike. These are various concepts with the final choice bottom-right.

Dutch2 branding and marketing material

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A new Dutch to English translation provider needed an identity and website.

albino igil produced the brand ‘dutch2’ to work on several levels. Along with the obvious double Dutch reference, it also suggests Dutch to (English) and Dutch too (as well as), as Dutch is only the primary translated language and other languages may eventually be offered.

All of the photography was undertaken by albino igil on location in Rotterdam.

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