A heady cocktail of creative 3D artist, problem-solving product designer, meticulous graphics guru, and a pinch of project manager as a binding agent…welcome to albino igil.




Norwegian House

Norwegian HouseAnother archi viz project that was fun and quirky – it’s not every day you get asked to produce an illustration of a Norwegian house on the banks of a fjord! A seriously beautiful house in an even more stunning location!

We utilised digital demographic data to model the fjord, ensuring we had the topology correct for the site, even down to the little tree on the right-hand side of the image. And if you think the setting is incredible, the view from the house is even better!

When all the Simulators Come Together…

Over the last 8 months or so, we are lucky enough to have been involved in the development and visualisation of a new range of 360 degree simulators aimed at the offshore transportation and commecial industry. From a small single-man 2.8m projection dome, through 4m and 7m to a whopping 14m suspended two-floor dome that can house 8 operatives. Read more

BT Cable Distribution Illustrations

BT Rail Station Cable Distribution PDF BT Exchange Cable Distribution PDFThese illustrations depicting cable distribution networks were produced to a whopping 4m wide, to be used on large display panels. The illustrations were then given some graphic design love before being delivered as high resolution PDFs, with the illustrations themselves available standalone, for use on the web if needed.